Digital DesignWorks

Instructor: Edward Scott Rickter, AIA, MBA

Architect, Developer, Guitarist


Training & Consulting Course Offerings

I.  Achieving Financial Freedom – 12 Step Program

Course Concept: Transforming your relationship with money and achieving financial independence.

            Tools: Excel, Turbo Tax, Your Money or Your Life, Personal history. Other References


II.  Architectural Practice / Real Estate Development – 3D CAD/Visualization/BIM

Course Concept: Using 3D as a powerful design, engineering and construction document medium to increase quality, reduce defects and minimize lawsuits.

Various Cad packages, Excel, MS Project and Web project tracking: 2D plans, transition to 3D. Modeling & Rendering.  3D working drawings.  One or more of the following: MicroStation, AutoCAD, 3DS Max, Alias/WF, Excel, MS Project, Web, Quicken, Quick Books

III.  Global Media Management – ASP+ADODB (Access/Oracle)

            Course Concept:  Issue and resolution tracking via the Internet, using ASP, Access, Oracle.

            Tools:  Web based Issue and Resolution Log; MS Project; FP, Script Debugger; VID6


IV.  Secure Media Management and Distribution – ASP+ADODB+DRM (MRM7/SDK7)

            Course Concept:  How to protect and distribute media content via the Internet

Tools: Various Web based development tools including ASP, DRM (MS Media SDK7, MS Media Player7), Access, FrontPage, Oracle, and Java.


V.  Online Event Registration Design – ASP+ADODB

Course Concept:  Design a web based system to register customers for various events from anywhere in the world.  

Tools: Various Web based development tools including ASP, Access, and FrontPage.


VI.  De-mystifying Computer Architecture

Course Concept: Understanding basic personal computer architecture, from motherboard up to application level.  Cover essential IT hardware infrastructure, including networking, switches, routers, ISP’s, ASP’s and Internet protocols.

Tools:  Internet, web, course handouts, assembling a real computer.


VII.  CAD, 3D Modeling, Rendering, Animation

Course concept:  Five Levels: Introduction to 2D; Intermediate 2D; Introduction to 3D, Intermediate 3D; Advanced 3D.

Tools:  One or more of the following: AutoCAD; Microstation; IntelliCAD; Visio, Alias, 3D Studio Max.


VIII.  Post Media Production

Course concept:  Learn to create final animations and multi-media clips using non-linear editing techniques, graphics and sound.

Tools:  One or more of the following:  Adobe Premier, Alias/WaveFront Composer, Photoshop, MS Media SDK7/11, MS Media Player7/11, Apple QuickTime.


IX. Beginning, intermediate and advanced Web Development using ASP+ADODB Connectivity  

Beginning: Intro to Active Server Pages – Server side scripting, HTML, IIS 3/4/5

Intermediate: Building business logic with ASP middle tier, FP GUI, and intro to ADODB Connection Objects

            Advanced: ASP+Acess/Oracle ADODB connectivity; U/PW authentication; Session Variables

            Tools: MSScript Debugger, FP; MS Notepad; MS Visual Interdev (VID6)



Software / Hardware

I.  Web Development

                ASP (Active Server Pages)

                Java / JavaScript (Applets, Servelets)

                MS Access



                Visual Interdev


                NT Server 4 / 2000/2003/XP Server

                MS Media SDK7 DRM (Digital Rights Management)

                IE Explorer 4/5/6/7; Netscape 7.x


II.   MS Office








III.  2D / 3D Modeling, Rendering & Animation

                AutoCAD   (R9.x thru R14/2005)

                                                2D Production

                                                3D Modeling, Rendering

                Microstation  (V3. thru J)

                                                2D Production

                                                3D Modeling & Rendering

                Intergraph Modelview

                                                3D Rendering & Animation

Alias/WaveFront V8                          

                                3D Modeling, Rendering & Animation

3D Studio Max

                                3D Rendering

Non-Linear Editing

                                Alias/WaveFront Composer

                                Adobe Premier

Claris Draw



IV.  Operating Systems / Hardware

WinZip, PC Anywhere, WS_FTP32,MS Outlook, Windows Media Player7, MSN Messenger Service, Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT 4 WS / Server, Windows 2000 Server, 2003 Server, XP, Vista, Laptop, SGI O2, Intergraph, IBM/Cadam, Mac.